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Gear »

Flash Reviews No. 10

By Jonathan Davis and Ryan Jordan on June 30, 2015
Flash Reviews No. 10: La Sportiva Helios SR, Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System, Nalgene Flask

People » Historical & Documentary

M John Muir and Robert Marshall: Actions and Ideologies

By Chase Jordan on June 30, 2015
An historical comparison of the philosophies of two of the leading pioneers of conservation and the wilderness regions they helped create.

Places » Featured Routes

M Planning Your First Backpacking Trip Out West

By David Chenault on June 23, 2015
Backpacking in the west can be physically challenging and logistically belittling to the uninitiated however don't let that stop you! The rewards of this exploration are worth the hardship.

Trends »

Lightweight Backpacking News: Digest No. 19

By Jonathan Davis on June 23, 2015
News this week: Get a look at the Tahoe Rim Trail, a stove shootout, meet the founder of Soul RIver Runs Wild, and more.

Gear » Flash Reviews

Flash Reviews No. 9

By Ryan Jordan and Jonathan Davis on June 17, 2015
Flash Reviews No. 9: MSR Aquatabs, WoolX Men's Lightweight T-Shirt, Thrunite Ti-3.

Places » Featured Routes

M The California Crest: a northbound mental map

By Max Stoffregen on June 16, 2015
An author and composer writes a music suite based off his memories on the PCT.

Trends »

Lightweight Backpacking News: Digest No. 18

By Jonathan Davis on June 13, 2015
News This Week: Wrangell Alaska is left high and dry, a backpacker survives fifty meter fall, spend the day trekking Tahoma, a Camp Chef Stove that weighs 8.3 ounces, and much more.

Places » Trip Reports

M Taking It Up a Notch: Camp Fire Teens Face the Weather at Guadalupe Mountains National Park

By Mina Loomis on June 09, 2015
A challenging yet rewarding trip exposes these youth to the joys of backpacking and kindles their love of the outdoors.

Gear » Flash Reviews

Flash Reviews No. 8

By Jonathan Davis on June 07, 2015
Flash Reviews No. 8: Paleo Meals To Go, Good Wipes, and Lite Trail NyloPro Bags.

Places » Trip Reports

M Walking Still in the Desert

By Drew Smith on June 02, 2015
A place of stillness and calm, the desert can be a harsh, dry environment but for many it is a haven for contemplation and peace.

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