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M The eVENT Single Wall Tent: Here, Then Gone – What’s Replacing It?

by Will Rietveld and Ryan Jordan

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Article Summary:

eVENT tents were shaking the market back in 2005 and Backpacking Light was on top of it. We tested several single-wall alpine four-season ("bomber") tents made of eVENT, and gave them rave reviews. We were flying high on the excitement of emerging technologies like ultra-breathable fabrics and Easton FX carbon fiber poles advancing the performance and reducing the weight of single wall tents.

Just when eVENT began to gain critical mass attention as a superior fabric for single wall tents, with the introduction of the NEMO Tenshi, Exped Polaris, and a full tent suite from Integral Designs... POOF! - eVENT tents were gone from the market. What happened? New tent fabrics are now on the market that claim eVENT-like properties. How good are they?


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