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Backpacking Light MiniDrop Dropper Bottles (5 pack)

Weighed On Our Scales » 0.2 oz (5 g)

Backpacking Light MiniDrop Dropper Bottles (5 pack)

An assortment of five 0.25-oz fluid capacity mini-dropper bottles with different colored caps for easy identification.


NOTE: This dropper bottle assortment contains a variety of colors. Not all packages may necessarily be the same, but each bottle/lid combination will be different.

Tired of spending $4, $5, or even $6 to buy those tiny little bottles of eyedrops, only to discard the solution and use the bottle for your ultralight backpacking sundries?!!

These are pharmaceutical grade dropper bottles ideally suited for repackaging your sundries. Possible uses include:

  • Aqua Mira
  • DEET
  • Liquid or powder soaps
  • Tooth powder or toothpaste
  • Skin lubricants, Vaseline, sunscreen, lip balm
  • Purell and other alcohol hand sanitizers
  • Liquid medications, including eyedrops and contact lens solution (these are pharma/food grade bottles)
  • Tabasco Sauce and other condiments (these are pharma/food grade bottles)
  • Metering precise amounts of alcohol fuel for alcohol stoves (one full bottle = approximately 0.2 oz of denatured alcohol)


  • Function:  These bottles include a dropper insert (removable for re-filling, or for packaging more viscous solutions or powders) and cap.
  • Bottles:  The bottles accept permanent ink well - we recommend felt tip "Sharpie" brand pens for writing on the bottles (noting that alcohol based solutions will still wash off the ink).


  • Capacity: 8 mL capacity (0.25 oz of water). If you were to repackage your AquaMira solutions into these bottles, a 2-bottle set might give you enough solution to treat about 20 liters of water (see information below under "Drop Size" regarding AquaMira dosing with these bottles), and collectively weigh 1 oz (as compared to a full Aqua Mira set, which weighs more than 3 oz). Thus, we recommend the smaller bottles for shorter trips, or as a backup when a filter is your primary means of water treatment.
  • Material: These bottles are opaque to prevent reaction of solutions with UV light resulting from sun exposure, which can reduce the efficacy of some chemicals, including AquaMira, Bleach, DEET, antimicrobial soaps, and others. The plastic material is a high density polyethyelene, does not leach plasticizers into your solutions (these are food- and pharma-grade bottles), does not react with AquaMira, DEET, alcohol, or any water or soap-based solutions, and most importantly, are very light!
  • Drop Size Comments: Please be aware that drop sizes for any bottle are going to be dependent upon two factors: the viscosity of the fluid being dispensed, and the design of the dropper tip. For example, when we evaluated the drop volumes of Aqua Mira dispensed from Aqua Mira bottles from 2005, we calculated that the drop size was 0.00200 oz (57 microliters) of solution "A". Our old style dropper bottles, shipped until May 2008, resulted in drop sizes of Aqua Mira that were about 50% larger than the drops dispensed from Aqua Mira stock bottles. We have not yet confirmed the drop sizes from the new bottles pictured here, and we do not have an availability date yet for this information. In the meantime, if you need to calculate the approximate ratio of drop sizes between these bottles, and stock Aqua Mira bottles, compare the number of drops required to fill a child's liquid prescription dispenser to 3 milliliters. For example, if 50 drops of liquid are required for 3 milliliters when dispensed out of an Aqua Mira stock bottle, and 60 drops of liquid are required for 3 milliliters when dispensed out of this bottle, then 8-9 drops of Aqua Mira dispensed out of this bottle are required to achieve the equivalent 7-drop dosing out of a stock Aqua Mira bottle (e.g., 7*60/50).
  • Colors: Assorted
  • Length:  2.5 in (6 cm)
  • Diameter:  0.75 in (1.8 cm)
  • Weight: 0.2 ounces (5 grams) per bottle


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