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Amber Seyler A Dozen More Turns (DVD)

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Amber Seyler A Dozen More Turns (DVD)

A powerful story about the avalanche that killed Backpacking Light Section Editor Blake Morstad in 2005 - and the human factors - that triggered it.

About the Cost of this DVD

We are offering this DVD at a low cost because our primary motivation is to make sure it gets into the hands of as many people as possible.

Donate to Avalanche Education. The cost to create and distribute this movie is far from free. It has been funded in part by the Friends of the Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center.

Donate to the Blake Morstad Memorial Endowment. This film tells the story of the avalanche that killed Backpacking Light Section Editor Blake Morstad. In 2005, Backpacking Light set up an endowment fund in Blake's name with Montana State University, his alma mater, for the purpose of creating a scholarship in perpetuity for avalanche research. We are still working towards making that endowment a reality, and we need your help.

A Note From Ryan Jordan

When I first received the call that Section Editor Blake Morstad had been killed in an avalanche in the Centennial Range, I went through the gamut of emotions from shock ("Not Blake?") to sadness ("Why Blake?") to anger ("Why, Blake?") to the reality faced by most of us when we realize that we've made the same decisions without ill consequence ("Why not me?").

This DVD tells the story of how the decision-making of Blake and the rest of his group was impacted by the allure of steep and deep backcountry powder and how one avalanche altered the world view of Blake's friends and fellow avalanche victims, including Sam Kavanagh, who lost his leg. Every week, I have the pleasure of coming to my office and enjoying the company of Addie Morstad, Blake's widow, and their wonderful little boy, Blake Jr. But to say that this has altered the life course of Sam, Addie, and lil' Blake, along with countless friends, family, and local skiers, would be a vast understatement, and would ignore the incredible power of faith - and the source of that faith - and its ability to orchestrate soothing music out of tragedy.

Today, I ski with the constant reminder of what it felt like to shake upon hearing the news that my friend had been killed in an avalanche. That reminder - haunting as it is - and the story told in this DVD - keep it in check for me when I'm in the mountains...because that same slope will always be there tomorrow.

From the Cover

"A Dozen More Turns, a film by Amber Seyler, is a documentary about backcountry skiing, avalanches and how the "human factor" - non-scientific, emotionally-spurred miscalculations - can have dire consequences. Based on a true story about five friends, experienced outdoorsmen who collectively possessed significant avalanche training & expertise, who venture off on a multi-day hut trip in southwestern Montana. The film powerfully depicts how their pursuit of powder and desire eek out a few extra turns ends up costing one man his life, while his best friend loses a leg in the accident."



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