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Crescent Moon Booties SPOTLITE REVIEW

This snowshoeing accessory adds warmth and water resistance to any shoe, without adding much weight. Will their one-size offering fit your shoes?


by Jay Ham | 2005-12-11 03:00:00-07

Crescent Moon Booties SPOTLITE REVIEW


In addition to a great line of snowshoes, Crescent Moon makes super warm shoe covers designed to fit over running or hiking shoes. Using 6-millimeter stretch neoprene, the Crescent Moon booties add an incredible amount of warmth for minimal additional weight. The pair weighs 9.5 ounces. Wear them with lightweight trail runners and the total weight for warm snowshoeing footwear is hard to beat.

The Crescent Moon shoe covers have an open bottom design to allow your running shoes to provide the traction. They slip on and secure with Velcro in the back. Elastic straps hold the bottom around your shoe, and the toe is reinforced to prevent excessive wear.

The one-size stretch neoprene really stretches more than standard neoprene (I was skeptical) and fits a large range of sizes. However, there is very little adjustment in the Velcro closure, so despite the stretch the booties don’t fit extreme shoe sizes. The booties measure 10 inches in length fully relaxed and stretch to 12 inches, which corresponds to the outside length of your shoes, not the shoe size. Shoes shorter than 10 inches (outside length) will work with a looser fit. Those longer than 12 inches won't fit without modifying the booties (adding an extension of fabric and Velcro to the back might do the trick).

The open bottom design prevents the Crescent Moon booties from being totally waterproof. Some moisture will work its way up on long days of snow travel. I found the 6-millimeter neoprene kept my feet warm even when damp; though, the booties are better suited to shorter duration day trips rather than overnight trekking. Wearing the booties in combination with my non-waterproof Montrail trail runners and thin wool socks, I can tolerate temperatures down into the teens for several hours. Different shoe/sock combinations and user tolerance will affect the usability of this product.

Specifications and Features

  • Open-bottom, pull on, ankle height, neoprene over booties
  • The one-size-fits-all really doesn’t fit all, but comes close
  • 6 mm (0.2 in) stretch neoprene is very warm, water resistant, and wind proof
  • At 9.5 ounces (269 g) for the pair, they have a great warmth to weight ratio
  • Remove one of the elastic straps on the bottom and they make great cycling shoe covers too
  • MSRP $38.99


"Crescent Moon Booties SPOTLITE REVIEW," by Jay Ham. (ISSN 1537-0364)., 2005-12-11 03:00:00-07.