Brasher Supalite GTX Hiking Boot SPOTLITE REVIEW

Full grain leather, leather lined, waterproof, and truly ultralight at two pounds per PAIR.


by Ryan Jordan | 2005-07-05 03:00:00-06

Brasher Supalite GTX Hiking Boot SPOTLITE REVIEW


I'm not really a boot guy.

As the years wear on, I'm more inclined to hit the trail in a pair of trail slippers from Inov8 or Montrail, and I've even given Keens a whirl and didn't find them too offensive.

But boots? After all the bad things I've said around the campfire about them?

Then, along came my Brashers. In a wrinkled, rumpled, half-taped package that probably perfectly reflected the tousled hair of the Scottish shopkeeper that sent them to me.

And I love them.

I've worn my Brasher Supalite GTX boots for two years and hundreds of miles - not a lot of miles - compared to the attention that my trail shoes get - but when it's wet, cold, and otherwise generally nasty, I grab the Supalites. It's kind of like taking an old spaniel on the Friday evening walk around the block. Except the spaniel's really a greyhound.

The most remarkable feature about the Brasher Supalites is that, well, they're remarkably light: my Gore-Tex lined pair weighs 31.5 oz - yes, the whole pair - for something that fits my US size 8.5 feet. (I still haven't completely figured out worldwide shoe sizing conventions, nevermind that they are completely different all over Europe - the Euro as a measure of currency will contribute more to the formation of a New World Order than any consistency in a foot size chart.)

The Brasher Supalites are also very supple, in spite of, or perhaps because of, full-grain leather uppers that use the a soft, thin, Pittards leather that feels like it should be used in driving gloves rather than hiking boots. However, a solid heel cup, fiberglass insole, and EVA-cushioned midsole provide plenty of support and a reasonably cushioned ride for long trail miles.

And so, if you're a boot guy, or even if you're not a boot guy and just want to secretly go back to the dark side for a hike or two, try the Brasher Supalites (they come in a non-GTX version as well) and enjoy the feeling of wearing a leather boot that is as light as many synthetic "trail shoes" and feel, well, sort of like magic slippers.

  • Pros: supple yet supportive, durable enough for trail hiking, flexibility and feel of some trail running shoes
  • Cons: Non-aggressive lug sole doesn't hold mud or snow, but doesn't offer much traction in it either, leather and Gore-Tex combo is a bit warm for summer miles on hot days.
  • Ideal Conditions: Cold, damp trail hiking, like what you might find in, well, the UK...

Features and Specifications

  • Pittards Krypton® full grain leather upper
  • GORE-TEX® Top Dry® breathable waterproof membrane with full length leather lining.
  • Padded ankle cuffs
  • Fiberglass insole
  • EVA midsole
  • Rubber sole with moderate lug pattern
  • Measured weight: 31.5 oz/pr (US size ~8.5)
  • Price: USD$180 (Approx. street price in UK)


"Brasher Supalite GTX Hiking Boot SPOTLITE REVIEW," by Ryan Jordan. (ISSN 1537-0364)., 2005-07-05 03:00:00-06.