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Boilerwerks Backcountry Boiler™

Weighed On Our Scales » 8.0 to 8.2 oz (227 - 232 g)

Boilerwerks Backcountry Boiler™

The lightest chimney kettle ever.

Please note the Backcountry Boiler was available for pre-order during the early Spring of 2011. At this time a second batch of stoves is in the design/manufacturing phase and may become available through the BPL Gear Shop during summer of 2011. Please stay alert by signing up for a stock alert to the right-side of this page.


The Backcountry Boiler is a finely-crafted wood stove made of anodized aluminum and individually numbered.  It includes a neoprene sleeve that allows the user to lift the Boiler with bare hands and a silicone stopper that allows the Boiler to double in use as a canteen. A sil-nylon stuff sack keeps all the items together and prevents any soot from getting onto other items in your pack. If you're planning a trip with only the barest of essentials these accessories can be left at home.

What is a Chimney Kettle?

Chimney kettles have a long history originating with Irish fishermen and the New Zealand army. They are known for operating efficiently on nearly any fuel in nearly any weather. Their identifying characteristic is an internal chimney, which creates a natural draft to accelerate a fire in the kettle’s base, provides a large amount of surface area for heat transfer, and protects the fire from cross-winds. Water sits around the chimney, between the double walls of the kettle, and is rapidly heated.

The Backcountry Boiler and Backpacking Light

The Backpacking Light community forums have proven to be a place of great cooperation amongst the make-your-own-gear crowd (MYOG). Devin Montgomery introduced the idea behind an ultralight version of a chimney kettle originally called the Montgomery Kettle wood stove. He successfully designed and prototyped a spectacular version of this stove with the help of ultralight backpacking community commentary and criticism. The history of this conversation can be found in the community forum threads entitled Ultralight Kelly / Storm / Volcano Kettle. Devin's stove, the Backcountry Boiler, has come to fruition to you the enlightened backpacking enthusiast.

Backcountry Boiler in Use


Aside from being sourced from the Backpacking Light community, here are the product’s features as described by Devin:
  1. Light: roughly the same size and only a bit heavier than a wide-mouthed water bottle
  2. Versatile: can operate on virtually anything flammable (so no fuel to carry, but also unlimited hot water.)
  3. Frugal: never pay for fuel again.
  4. Fast: depending on fuel and operator skill, it can boil 2 cups of water in under 5 minutes.
  5. Delicious: makes hot drinks, rehydrates backpacking meals.
  6. Multi-Use: can be used as a canteen to carry water when not in use
  7. Sanitary: creates potable water through boiling.
  8. Hardcore: works in almost any weather – moderate wind actually makes it burn hotter.
  9. Low Impact: burns efficiently requiring little kindling and leaving little ash.
  10. Awesome: end of story.


  • Weight: Boiler approx. 8 oz, accessories 1.8 oz combined
  • Capacity: 18 oz
  • Dimensions: 7 1/4" x 4" collapsed, 9" x 4" in use
  • Materials: Boiler – Hard anodized aluminum, Stuff Sack – 1st quality siliconized nylon, Sleeve – 3mm nylon-faced neoprene, Stopper – pharma-grade silicone
  • Boil time: Depends on user skill, fuel, and weather conditions. Two cups in under 5 min. has been achieved and it should rarely take more than 10 min even in less-than-ideal conditions.


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