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Backpacking Light Magazine (Single Issues) - CLOSEOUT

Backpacking Light Backpacking Light Magazine (Single Issues) - CLOSEOUT

Backpacking Light: The Magazine of Lightweight Hiking and Ultralight Backpacking.


Backpacking Light: The Magazine of Lightweight Hiking and Backcountry Travel is the only print magazine dedicated to the lightweight backcountry enthusiast.

Backpacking Light offers insightful technical articles and in-depth features in a small (light) format that you can throw in your briefcase or backpack.

Book/Magazine Resellers and Retailers: Unbroken case packs of 25 copies/case are available for resale at a wholesale discount of 50% off retail (shipping cost is $5.00 per case). You may fax your purchase order (please include credit card info and shipping address) to 406-794-0402. 

Issue 11 Contents

  • Publisher's Message by Ryan Jordan
  • Forum Echoes: Pearls of Wisdom from you, our grass-roots gurus
  • Faces: Ron Moak, by Nicole Chilton
  • It's All Too Much: Book Review by Nicole Chilton
  • Ready, Willing & Able by Ryan Hutchins-Cabibi and Scott Christy
  • SPOT Gear Review by Alan Dixon and Roger Caffin
  • Tiny Homes by Nicole Chilton
  • Slickrock: A Canyoneering Photo Essay from the Escalante River Canyon, by Alan Dixon
  • Era Skiing: Cross-Country Skiing in Eastern Finland by Chris Eastwood, with editorial assistance by Roger Caffin
  • Tropical Ultra-Light by Matt Hage and Agnes Stowe
  • In the Steps of Romans, Pilgrims, and Templars by Brandon Wilson

Issue 10 Contents

  • Publisher's Message by Ryan Jordan
  • Forum Echoes: Pearls of Wisdom from you, our grass-roots gurus
  • Podcasts:'s Offerings by Nicole Chilton
  • People: Roman Dial Profile
  • Walking the Line: When Have You Gone Too Light? by Nicole Chilton
  • Backpacking Light's Wilderness Trekking School by Bill Stadwiser
  • Trekking Together by Ryan Connelly
  • Hig and Erin, Husband and Wife by Roman Dial
  • Denali Light by Matt Hage and Agnes Stowe
  • My "Ultralight" Brother-in-Law by Ryan Connelly
  • CDT: An Epic Trail Through the Heart of the Rockies by Josh Shusko
  • Why I Love... by Carol Crooker
  • Non-Scientific Chart by Mike Clelland!

Issue 9 Contents

  • Publisher's Message by Ryan Jordan
  • Forum Echoes: Pearls of Wisdom from you, our grass-roots gurus
  • The Mad Hearts of All of Us by Bayley Lawrence
  • Ways We Can Make a Difference by Kevin S.L.J. Sawchuk
  • Lichter Sets a New Benchmark for the Triple Crown by Sinclair Oal
  • Packrafting the South Fork Flathead in the Bob Marshall Wilderness by Clint Garrett
  • Pocket Camera Primer by Matt Hage
  • Singletrack on the Ultralight by Doug Johnson
  • Metamorphosis: A Change in Attitude by Nathan Boddy
  • Extreme Ultralight in the Blue Ridge Mountains by Alan Dixon
  • What's that Smell? by Dave Swinehart

Issue 8

To view the online portal to Issue 8 that includes its Table of Contents, single article PDF downloads, and related information, click here to go to the Issue 8 Portal Page.

Issue 7 Contents

  • Roadless:  Unfulfilled Dreams in the Western Arctic by Ryan Jordan
  • Map:  Arctic 1000 by Shane Matthews
  • Techniques:  Staying Dry in a Bivy Sack by Mike Martin
  • Long Distance Hiking:  Fast Thru Hike by Andrew Skurka
  • Reviews:  Bivy Sacks by Ryan Jordan
  • The Certain Benefits of Wilderness Uncertainty by Matt Colon
  • Confessions of a Heavyweight Backpacker by N. N. Boddy
  • Sensory Perception and the Backpacking Way of Life by Kevin Sawchuck
  • Slop, Sleet, Spring, Sweet! by Ryan Jordan
  • Spring Footwear Systems by Ryan Jordan
  • Photo Essay: Circumnavigating Yellowstone National Park by Kevin Sawchuck & Andrew Skurka
  • Book Review:  Arctic Wings
  • Hiking on Mother's Day by Dave Swinehart
  • Seeking Simplicity in Your Trail Diet by Ryan Jordan
  • Forum Echoes:  Pearls of Wisdom from you, our grass-roots gurus

Issue 6 Contents

  • Roadless: Northern Absaroka Backbone by Ryan Jordan
  • The Wrap: Outdoor Retailer Summer Market Commentary
  • Techniques and Gear for the Lightweight Backcountry Coffee Connoisseur by Mike Clelland!
  • Digital Navigation Systems by Alan Dixon
  • Slow Down, You Move Too Fast by Matt Colon
  • Fall Footwear by John Vonhof
  • Cold and Wet in the Pre-Winter Months by Ryan Jordan
  • Pockets and the Ultralight Way by Ryan Jordan
  • Photo Essay: California's Pacific Crest by Andrew Skurka
  • Extending Battery Life
  • Marriage and Solo Backpacking

Issue 5 Contents

  • Roadless by Ryan Jordan
  • Dog Food for Thought by Matt Colon
  • Your National Parks in Peril by Todd Wilkinson
  • Backpacking Barefoot by Alan Dixon
  • Light Reading by Matt Colon
  • Maceration by Ryan Jordan
  • Drifting to the Dark Side by Tim Cahill
  • Why We Go by Matt Colon
  • Trip Reports by Matt Hazley, Scott Williamson, Andrew Skurka, Roman Dial, Jason Geck, and Ryan Jordan
  • Backcountry Camps (Photo Essay) by Ryan Jordan
  • Forum Echoes:  Pearls of Wisdom from you, our grass-roots gurus

Issue 4 Contents

  • The Hayduke Lives by Matt Colon
  • Billy Mattison:  Adventure Racing, Part 2 (Interview) by Matt Colon
  • Less is More:  Fastpacking Appalachia by Erik Schlimmer
  • The Examined Life by Matt Colon
  • Llama Trekking by J. Sinclair Oal
  • Six Tips for Backpacking Light with Kids by Scott Graham
  • Hayduke Trail (Photo Essay) by Brian Frankle
  • Forum Echoes:  Pearls of Wisdom from you, our grass-roots gurus
  • Doublewall Tents (Review Summary) by Doug Johnson

Issue 3 Contents

  • Ultralight Snow Cave Camping by Ryan Jordan
  • The Aboriginal Walkabout by J. Sinclair Oal
  • Backpacking in Scotland by Chris Townsend
  • Feet of Endurance: PCT Record!
  • Isaac Wilson: Adventure Racer (Interview) by Matt Colon
  • Lightweight Paddling by Alan Dixon
  • Get Out Now! by Matt Colon
  • Hot and Bothered: Foot Care in the Heat by John Vonhof
  • Paria Wilderness by Paul Grube
  • The Great Divide Trail (Photo Essay) by Justin Lichter

Issue 2 Contents

  • Backcountry Forward: The Vision of Backpacking Light by Ryan Jordan
  • 1.5 Ounce Foot Care Kit by John Vonhof
  • Blake Morstad: In Memoriam
  • Life on Mount Rainier: A Photo Essay by Chris Watkins
  • St. Olav’s Way: Trekking the Trail of Norse Kings by Brandon Wilson
  • Efficacy of Chemical Water Technologies in the Backcountry by Erica McKenzie and Dr. Ryan Jordan
  • Bushwacking the 770: A Painful Guide to the Northeast’s 3,000 Footers by E. Schlimmer
  • Speeding on the John Muir Trail: Fastpacking the Record over 220 Miles by Kevin Sawchuck
  • Feet of Endurance: Stay tuned for two new PCT record attempts this summer
  • Journey to the Steaming Giant: Meet the Indigenous Guides who are Reclaiming Ecuador’s Wilderness Gem by John Parks
  • Book Review: Yak Butter Blues: A Tibetan Walk of Faith
  • Forum Echoes: Pearls of Wisdom from you, our grass-roots gurus

Issue 1 Contents:

  • Backpacking Alaska (Feature), by Peter Vacco
  • Liquid and Compressed Gas Stoves (Technical), by Roger Caffin
  • Jetboil Stove (Review Snapshot), by Alan Dixon
  • Preparing to Hike a 30-Mile Day, by Courtenay Schurman
  • Early Summer Considerations for Wet Weather Hiking (Gear List), by Ryan Jordan
  • Lightweight Backpacking Tips (Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where the Grizzly Walks (Book Review), by Bill Schneider

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  • ISSN 1550-4417
  • Trim Size: 5.5 x 8 in (13.97 x 20.32 cm)
  • Binding: Perfect
  • Cover: Full Color
  • Color format: Grayscale with minimum 16-page full color signature
  • Price: Subscriptions: $24.99 annual/4 issues
  • Single Copy Retail: $9.99/issue
  • Publication Schedule: Quarterly
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