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Guide's Gear Award

Backpacking Light Guide's Gear Award

Backpacking Light's Guide's Gear Award identifies products that are recommended by the guides and instructors of Backpacking Light's Wilderness Trekking School, and represents gear that offers exceptional performance, light weight, durability and value.

The Guide's Gear Award may be affiliated with gear manufactured and/or distributed by Backpacking Light, or it may be affiliated with gear from third party vendors. It is not an editorial award, although our guides and instructors do consider editorial opinions when selecting gear worthy of the Guide's Gear Award. In addition, the Guide's Gear Award will not be given to premarket or otherwise "new" products that have not stood the test of time. Most important, the Guide's Gear Award represents those products that our guides and instructors use on a regular basis, not only on their Wilderness Trekking School courses and expeditions, but also during their own personal use.


Performance and Weight

When evaluating performance, we more specifically look at the performance:weight ratio of the product. Guide's Gear Awards are given to products with the highest performance:weight ratio when compared to products of similar weight.

Durability and Value

Durable products provide good long term value and are easier on the environment. They should also be expected to last for several expeditions, and can be relied upon not to fail in the field. Consequently, Guide's Gear Awards are given to products that provide an exceptional durability:weight ratio, and an exceptional durability:value ratio.

Nominate an item for a Guide's Gear Award

If you are a Wilderness Trekking School Guide or Instructor, or graduate of a WT3-EXT course, you may nominate products for a Guide's Gear Award using the form below.