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Information for Authors

Submit Your Story Proposal Online Now!

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Backpacking Light only accepts story proposals online via the link above. You can use this form to respond to content solicitations, as well as for the submission of unsolicited content proposals. New to writing and just want to get your feet wet? Start here!

What Kinds of Content Does Backpacking Light Publish?

Investigative Journalism

Backpacking Light places the highest priority on well-written, well-researched, investigative pieces that critically examine industry trends, technologies, history, and controversial topics. Specifically, the greatest emphasis will be put on articles that promote our core mission:

To promote self-sufficient ("backpackable"), multi-day backcountry travel in a lightweight style.

In addition, please see below for an overview of content types available for solicitation.

General Editorial Solicitation

Following is a detailed description of content types we solicit. If you have a story idea consistent with any of these categories, we are particularly interested in hearing from you.

Note About Word Counts: Word counts below represent recommended minimum word counts.


Learn about the gear of lightweight backpacking.


Learn how to go light in the wilderness.

Make Your Own Gear

Learn how to make your own lightweight gear and apparel.


Develop the rationale to guide your choices for gear and technique.


Stay abreast of emerging trends and philosophies.


Learn about, and from, the history and people of lightweight backpacking.


Learn about, and from, the experiences of lightweight backpacking.

How to Submit Your Story Proposal

Submit your story proposals using the Story Proposal Submission Form. If your proposal is accepted, an editor will contact you with instructions on how to prepare and submit your manuscript and other supporting materials.

From Proposal to Publication:
How it Works!

  1. AUTHOR submits the Story Proposal Submission Form.
  2. BPL editor reviews and approves/rejects your story proposal.
  3. AUTHOR develops and submits content to BPL.
  4. BPL reviews submission*, requests revisions from AUTHOR as appropriate, AUTHOR submits revisions to BPL.
  5. BPL schedules article publication date and and converts article to production-ready online version.
  6. If BPL materially changes author's article, author is contacted to review production-ready version.
  7. BPL publishes article.
  8. AUTHOR is paid upon article publication.

* Submissions may be reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief, a Senior Editor, and/or a Peer Review Committee, depending on the type of content provided.

Manuscript Style Guidelines

Review's style guidelines for writing style, key word usage, and photo, audio, and video specifications.

Opportunities for Professional Freelancers and Interns

We generally don't contract with professional freelancers, and instead prefer to publish voices from within the lightweight backpacking community. That said, we do enjoy working with editorial interns who are interested in a writing career, and are eager to train you in specific areas of investigative research, product testing and review writing, comparison analyses, and more.

Backpacking Light doesn't normally offer financial compensation for contributors, but we do offer complimentary memberships to all contributors, as well as complimentary Lifetime Memberships to regular contributors. And, we're eager to work with budding bloggers and authors to help promote your websites or social or environmental causes (assuming they are compatible with our own), and commercial services so long as they don't result in a conflict of interest with our gear review program.