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Backpacking Light Aircore Pro URSA Dyneema Bear Bag Hanging Rope (50 feet)

Weighed On Our Scales » 2.6 oz (73.7 oz)

Backpacking Light Aircore Pro URSA Dyneema Bear Bag Hanging Rope (50 feet)

The strongest ultralight rope money can buy. Urethane-coated Dyneema for heavy duty bear bag hanging.


AirCore Pro Ursa offers the tactile feel of a rope at the weight of an accessory cord, and makes hanging food or packs in trees more comfortable on your hands.

AirCore Pro Ursa is a 2.5 mm diameter rope suitable for the most demanding backcountry load hauling applications. With a breaking strength in excess of 1,400 pounds, this rope is the ultralight choice by guides and outfitters needing to hang their game and food lockers in bear country. For whitewater rescue, AirCore Pro Ursa is used in throw rope rescue bags, and with a specific gravity of 0.98, it floats. As a bear bagging rope, AirCore UrsaPro offers unmatched handling and abrasion resistance, with its proprietary polyurethane coating.

AirCore Pro Ursa Bear Bag Hanging rope is a 12-strand braided rope of 100% pure Dyneema (Spectra) fiber construction, which offers a higher strength-to-weight ratio than any other fiber.

Because AirCore Pro Ursa is a non-rotational rope with no stretch, it is ideally suited for bear bag hanging for loads of up to 1,400 lbs - equivalent in strength to steel wire rope, but at one-seventh the weight.

AirCore Pro Ursa is flexible, spliceable, and highly resistant to fatigue failure, which is common among other spectra ropes. AirCore Pro Ursa is coated with a polyurethane finish that dramatically increases handling ease, minimizes tangling, and offers outstanding abrasion resistance.


As with all Spectra / Dyneema ropes, choice of knots is critical, and it is recommended that inline bight knots such as the bowline, double figure eight, or double overhand, used for terminating ends with loops, rather than slipknots such as tautline or half hitches. For hanging things in trees, and then tying off the rope, use a Timber Hitch or double half hitch.

Spectra / Dyneema rope does not "burn pretty" at the ends, but with the urethane coating present in this rope, it burns far better, and resists fraying better, than uncoated Spectra / Dyneema cord and rope. Some people liked the polished look of wrapping one or two turns of electrical tape around the end of the rope to prevent fraying, or using heat shrink tubing. Either way, be sure to place a light coat of 5-minute epoxy on the rope under the tape or tubing, so it resists sliding off the end of the rope while in the backcountry.


The coating effectively eliminates the need to coil the rope. Just stuff it loosely in your bag, and it will remain untangled. Really - you have to try pretty hard to get this rope tangled up. It's quite stiff! If you do coil, be sure to do so without any kinks or twists in the rope, which hinder throwing and cause unnecessary friction when sliding over tree limbs.

Appropriateness for Bear Bagging

This rope can handle any tree type, in any weather, in any conditions. It's the most versatile hanging rope on the market. We especially recommend it for soft woods (such as pine) in wet climates, where thinner ropes cut into the bark of younger branches and get stuck.

If you hike mostly in hardwood areas, or in soft wood areas in drier times of the year (summer, fall, winter), or limit yourself to hang bags less than about eight pounds for soft woods in wet conditions, you may want to check out the ultralighter's bear bag hanging choice, AirCore Pro "UrsaLite" Dyneema Bear Bag Hanging Cord.


  • Highly abrasion-resistant, low stretch, tangle free rope that slides easily over even the wet bark of both soft and hardwood tree branches.
  • Does not absorb water into rope core, unlike uncoated braided spectra cord, poly cord/rope, or manila ropes. Water absorption reduces strength and adds weight to all ropes, and provides serious handling limitations below freezing temperatures.


  • Diameter: 0.098 in (2.5 mm)
  • Length: 50 feet (15.24 m)
  • Weight: 2.6 oz/50 ft (73.7 g/15.27 m)
  • Color: Stealth Gray
  • Construction: 12-strand braided, tension-set
  • Coating: Proprietary, urethane-based
  • Breaking Strength: 1,400 lbs (544 kg)
  • Elastic elongation (stretch): <1% @ 400 lbs


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