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2012 Photo Contest Winners!

The votes are counted, photos drooled over, and the top ten are in. Congrats to all who entered - the eye candy was gorgeous!

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by | 2012-03-06 00:20:00-07

Thank you to all who contributed! We're unable to publish all of the over fifty entries, but it was a tough race with many evocative and lush photographs. Though I wasn't a judge, it was fun to collect the images and captions, learning a bit more about each of the photographers in the process. Here are the top ten entries, with the photographers' captions and the judges' commentary on each. Special thanks to our judges: Ryan Jordan, Chris Wallace, Damien and Renee Tougas, and Tony Wong.

Congratulations to the winners!

  • First Place (Hyperlite Mountain Gear Porter Pack): Heather Allen
  • Second Place (Ruta Locura Wasatch Bivy): Scott MacButch
  • Third Place (Mountain Laurel Designs eVent Mitts and Gaiters): Frédéric Maillard

First Place - Heather Allen

2012 Photo Contest Winners - 1
Sierra Sunrise: Mount Banner as viewed from Thousand Island Lake, Ansel Adams Wilderness, Sierra Nevada, California. Shot with a Canon G10.

Judges' Comments

Ryan Jordan: With reflections, I prefer a more symmetrical composition, and I miss just a tiny twinge of blue in the dark sky, but the alpenglow on this peak is unreal and I really, really, really want to camp here.

Chris Wallace: I love the alpenglow here, but I find it lacking an easily identifiable focal point (my eyes are not drawn anywhere in particular).

Damien Tougas: I love the way this photo makes me feel; when I look at it I feel both a chill of cool air and the warmth of the sun. Although the color of the sky seems a bit unnatural for my tastes, it does provide a nice contrast to the mountains.

Renee Tougas: The color on the mountain is fabulous. It would have been perfect if the water was still.

Tony Wong: I love the combination of overall sharpness of the image in the light and dark areas and how the photographer captured the early morning light on the mountains. The image would have been a little nicer if the shot composed a little "lower" so that tip of the mountain in the reflection on the water was not almost touching the bottom edge of the photo.

Second Place - Scott MacButch

2012 Photo Contest Winners - 2
Brooks Range, Arrigetch Peaks. We made a big circle, first floated a short distance down the Noatak River, hiking up Portage Pass to the Alatna, floated down the Alatna, then backpacked through the Arrigetch, and finally floated down the upper Noatak River to our starting place - 14 days.

Judges' Comments

Ryan Jordan: I yearn for this scene to appear during the magic hour of dawn or dusk, whatever gives me alpenglow on those peaks, and colors that are a little less harsh, but given the lighting limitations, the technical quality of this image is superb.

Chris Wallace: I find the colors washed out a bit, but the shelters provide a great sense of scale and make me want to camp here.

Damien Tougas: The scene is beautiful; I really want to camp here. While the colors feel a little washed out to me, I think the composition and location are great.

Renee Tougas: This photo makes you want to camp here and pack light to get there. The composition is great. The color seems a bit washed out, but I think that's just a time of day lighting issue.

Tony Wong: This photo draws me in to explore all of it with my eyes. The shelters in the foreground makes the photo immediately personal, making me imagine that I could be there. They provide scale to the image and make the foreground more interesting. It would have been better if the shot had been composed a little higher so that the peaks on the upper right side included more of those white clouds and offered more room to "breathe" vs. being pinched by the top edge of the photo. The one missing element of this photo was if the sky had been much deeper, darker, and blue... overall, more contrast to bring out the details in the mountains in the background.

Third Place - Frédéric Maillard

2012 Photo Contest Winners - 3
Taken in Iceland, the first day of the Laugavegur hike. The incoming storm wasn't yet reducing visibility; in the background you can see the rhyolite-coloured hills, typical of that area. The photo was taken with an Olympus E420 + kit lens.

Judges' Comments

Ryan Jordan: This image has everything - terrific composition and technical quality, beautiful color, and interesting lines that draw the viewer in. This would make a fantastic enlargement, when the viewer can identify the hikers. For web viewing, the people are too small. I want to know if they are in pain or smiling.

Chris Wallace: I love the the vivid color and expanse of the scene, but I'd prefer the hikers be more identifiable.

Damien Tougas: The crispness of the colors and lines in this photo really grab me, the scene is really nice too. There is so much going on here visually that it almost feels like too much to take in at once.

Renee Tougas: I love the soft mounds in this photo - it speaks peace to me. Whereas the sky has a sense of foreboding - such a striking contrast. I love the scale of the humans here - small.

Tony Wong: The wonderful contrast of textures and colors makes this photo a joy to look at. There are so many different elements that are well captured- rock, snow, dark, brooding clouds, and water off in the distance. Small details of the trail meandering along the crest of the ridges rewards closer inspection and shows people as the smallest thing to provide perspective and context of the landscape. Only thing that I could want is a little more detail of the people on the trail, if they were closer to the photographer when it was taken.

Honorable Mention - Steve Denny

2012 Photo Contest Winners - 4
Elly descending toward Taylor Lake near Durango, CO; finishing up a four-week thru-hike on the Colorado Trail with a hail storm hot on her heels. Camera: Canon G12, f/4 1/80 ISO100 Hiker: Elly Harder

Judges' Comments

Ryan Jordan: A harshly lit sky detracts a little from this image, but composition is strong, color is natural, and her pack is sufficiently light!

Chris Wallace: All the greenery makes me feel a little at home, and I love having the female hiker showing how to get it done, but the sky could be a bit more colorful.

Damien Tougas: This photo makes me want to go backpacking right now. I love all of the varying shades of green, but the overexposure of the sky washes things out a bit towards the top of the photo.

Renee Tougas: The scene is wonderful, the foreground action against the backdrop - great composition. It would have been perfect if the foreground was more illuminated, seems a tad dark, but that's simply a natural cloud and lighting issue.

Tony Wong: I really like this photo because of the woman on the trail in the foreground and the beautiful backdrop with the lush green surrounding the lake and trail covered mountains. The strong composition of this photo is that it's completely familiar as one of those special moments on the trail that is just so recognizable. Unfortunately, what distracts on this photo is the softness and dull colors of the foreground. If the sky in the distance had more contrast, it would serve to make for a more complex and interesting skyline.

Honorable Mention - Danny Milks

2012 Photo Contest Winners - 5
Our Norwegian friend reaping the sweet reward of backcountry skiing in the mountains of Norway's stunning west coast. Camera Data: Panasonic TS1 Focal Length: 29mm (in 35mm equivalent) Exposure time: 1/500 sec. F number: f/10.

Judges' Comments

Ryan Jordan: Placing trekkers who are far away in an image of such grandeur is difficult - this photo accomplishes this well with a simple, snow-dominated background and outstanding framing using cloud shadows, the horizon line, and rock. The position of the trekker in the frame is first rate - my eyes keep coming back to him/her.

Chris Wallace: It took me multiple viewings before I saw the trekker and their trail, but the colors are eye catching and I love the clouds.

Damien Tougas: I really like the composition of this photo, especially the way the sun, clouds and sky feel alive. The extreme contrast between the rock and the snow feels like too much, but was probably necessary to prevent overexposure of the snow.

Renee Tougas: A bit dark overall (polarizer?) but what a great scene.

Tony Wong: Shadow and light do well to light the singular and distant path cut into the snow by the lone adventurer. I love how the clouds catch the light and ride along the ridges of the snow covered peaks to softness what is a stark environment. The composition and shadows of the photo allows for complexity in enjoying the scenery in what could have easily been a washed out and featureless photo. The only complaint is the softness in foreground of the image at the lower bottom right.

Honorable Mention - Sieto van der Heide

2012 Photo Contest Winners - 6
The location is the high camp on Denali, Alaska, looking at Mount Foraker. Although a Denali trip is probably not backpacking 'light,' for me this is very much in the context of exploring beautiful places and challenging myself. The person in the photo is having a moment to herself and enjoying the surroundings. She's stated, to her, “This is my most favorite place in the world.” This picture was shot with a Canon S95 and enhanced using Adobe Lightroom.

Judges' Comments

Ryan Jordan: Washed out colors that are slightly too warm for me to be natural don't detract from the fact that I want to sit here, view this scene, and write in my journal.

Chris Wallace: I really love seeing the hiker sitting there on that ledge, but I'd like a little more vivid color.

Damien Tougas: The first word that comes to my mind when I look at this is "dreamy." I feel like the guy sitting on the rock dreaming of mountains beyond my reach. Exposure of this scene must have been difficult - the guy sitting on the rock feels dark, while the rest feels a bit light.

Renee Tougas: Impressive scene, doesn't say much about lightweight backpacking per se. Doesn't speak to me as much as the others.

Tony Wong: A dreamy landscape of clouds surrounding a snowing island in what seems the edge of space heights. The ledge of rock planking out for the lone and bundled figure makes this shot interesting because it allows the viewer to place themselves into the photo. If there were more contrast or color in the sky to bring out the blue, it would make for an even bolder image.

Honorable Mention - Ludovic Pradel

2012 Photo Contest Winners - 7
Taken in the Pyrenees Mountain (on the south of France) during a three-day hike in February last year. I'd opened my eyes at 3:30AM with a beautiful starry sky: I have to take a picture! I've made about 20 pictures with different time exposure until 5:30AM, just one picture was nice this one! Taken with my Nikon D90, 10 minutes exposure.

Judges' Comments

Ryan Jordan: In this image, I'm wanting more strength and color from the sunset, I want to be closer to the shelter (but with a wide view offered by a wider lens), but the star trails are mesmerizing. A great technical image of a lightweight shelter in a beautiful environment.

Chris Wallace: Absolutely love the star trails and lit shelter, but I wish the sunset were more colorful.

Damien Tougas: This photo is well done technically, and has a lot of really good ideas going on. I think that composure could be better, as everything feels a bit too far away.

Renee Tougas: This is my least favorite (totally subjective). I'd like more color in the tent (I'm a color girl).

Tony Wong: The bright light illuminating the shelter in the provides a warmth and makes the starkness of the environment seem more inviting. The blur of the stars above creates a sense of motion and action in what is a moment frozen in time. I have no idea of where that orange glow is coming from in the lower right, but its soft glow casts a light that allows for the details of the ridge in the background and the footprints in the snow to be seen. I am wondering if that orange light was gone, would the heavens be darker and the streaks of the stars more stunning?

Honorable Mention - Jack Kan

2012 Photo Contest Winners - 8
Usted Esta Aqui. Taken on the trail to Laguna de los Tres in Patagonia, Argentina. One hour 45 minutes from Laguna de los Tres. Two hours from El Chaltén. One of our favorite trails. There were two nice camps on the way, one for backpackers and one for climbers. Fitz Roy kept playing hide and seek behind the clouds. Details: Taken with Nikon D90. 16-85mm Nikkor lens. Hand-held. 1/320. f8. 16mm. ISO 200.

Judges' Comments

Ryan Jordan: Slightly blown highlights in the sky and just a smidge too much yellow don't detract greatly from this image, and the tension between the sign that tells you how much time it will take to get to the lake, against the high peaks that say "don't even try me, pal" is awesome.

Chris Wallace: The colors here are unreal and really make me want to be there in person, even though the sky is a bit bright.

Damien Tougas: The green evokes the smell of fresh mountain air and those jagged peaks look so inviting. The overexposure of the sky detracts from the grandeur of the scene and draws my eye to the sign, which I am sure wasn't the intended focal point.

Renee Tougas: The sign dominates the scene a bit too much. The cloud looks over exposed but those mountain peaks, the composition draws you in.

Tony Wong: The "primitive" wooden trail sign makes this shoot something special. That it is not in English lets you know that you are somewhere "exotic" and invites you to explore the map to guess where you are in the world. The stunning background with its vibrant colors, green foliage, and snow draped stone spires only confirms that you are somewhere far from home (North America). The only flaw in this photo is that the image seems a little bit overexposed that loses contrast and details in the hills and mountains in the distance. The blue sky would have been nicer if it were not overexposed.

Honorable Mention - Emily Mathews

2012 Photo Contest Winners - 9
Sony Cybershot 25 mm wide-angle lens, 14.1 megapixels. Lovely visions looking east from the Apache Peak area of the San Jacintos in southern California. Morning rime ice covers the area. Caught a greet-the-day pose by my daughter as we hiked the PCT in May 2011.

Judges' Comments

Ryan Jordan: This image has it all, including the authentic expression of smugness that comes with carrying a very light pack.

Chris Wallace: I'm partial to more color, but I definitely feel the cold by looking at this and love the posing hiker.

Damien Tougas: The sky is beautiful, the composition is really good, and I just love the way everything feels so crispy cold. For me, it is missing a certain sharpness that I think would make this a truly amazing photo.

Renee Tougas: Love the playfulness in a natural place. Quite grey, I'd love a smidge of color.

Tony Wong: I love this photo because it simply captures the snowy beauty of the illuminated backdrop against the fun, whimsical joy of a young woman posing for the camera. Yes, the image of the woman's face is a bit too soft, but with the soft haze of the white clouds lingering everywhere, it can be forgiven and seems to blend into the rest of the shot. The heavenly rays of the sun reaching down through the clouds to give light and warmth to this cold environment makes for an enjoyable photo. My only desire is to have more detail and clarity on this woman's face to capture the emotion of the moment.

Honorable Mention - Mandy Redpath

2012 Photo Contest Winners - 10
Hiking up to the head of the Ashburton Glacier on the south island of New Zealand one bright morning. Camera: Fujifilm FinePix AX300.

Judges' Comments

Ryan Jordan: Good technical quality, nice color, and solid composition make this scene a beautiful one. I wish the avalanches were more prominent as part of the image.

Chris Wallace: The trekkers making their way up reminds me of past trips, but I wish there was more to the sky.

Damien Tougas: The exposure, contrast, color, and scene all work really well. I think it would look better if the people were a little closer as I think it would add more life and color.

Renee Tougas: Sky in the top right corner too dark. Great composition and story - where are they going, where have they been?

Tony Wong: The intricate details in the snow with the adventurers in them is what makes this photo compelling. Fine details abound, from the footsteps in the foreground to the crumbling trails of snow that have slid off the step sides of the mountains on the right to give texture to what could easily be an overexposed and bland landscape of whiteness. I like that the adventurers are close enough that we can see the details of their packs and imagine the effort in their task to reach the top. The deep color of the sky helps, but I wish that it were a bit brighter and lighter in blue in the upper right corner contrasted with what is already a darkly contrasted image of the rock.


"2012 Photo Contest Winners!," by . (ISSN 1537-0364)., 2012-03-06 00:20:00-07.


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2012 Photo Contest Winners!
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Addie Bedford
(addiebedford) - MLife

Locale: Montana
2012 Photo Contest Winners! on 03/06/2012 15:46:33 MST Print View

Companion forum thread to:

2012 Photo Contest Winners!

Nick Brown

Locale: Highland Park
"2012 Photo Contest Winners!" on 03/06/2012 16:37:51 MST Print View

Congrats to the winners and all who participated! Thanks for sharing your photos and to BPL for conjuring up the competition. It's a great idea.

I would only say that the judges seemed to favor color perhaps at the expense of tone and atmosphere provided by more "drained" images.

Hope the competition continues!

Robert H
Spplendid on 03/06/2012 18:09:07 MST Print View

Talk about amazing photos... what a beautiful hobby we all share.

Luke Schmidt
(Cameron) - MLife

Locale: The WOODS
Makes me want too... on 03/06/2012 18:42:05 MST Print View

Congrats to the winners. There are some awesome pics there. Makes me want to plan ten new trips and buy a new camera! I love all the feedback on what makes a good photo. I'm more of a snapshooter but all the ideas here will help me take better shots on feature trips. Thanks.

Chris S
(csteutterman) - F

Locale: Tahoe
Re: Makes me want too... on 03/06/2012 18:47:21 MST Print View

"Makes me want to plan ten new trips"

Agreed. The Colorado Trail just jumped up on my list.

Daniel Paladino
(dtpaladino) - F - MLife

Locale: Northern Rockies
Frédéric Maillard on 03/06/2012 23:23:21 MST Print View

Great shots everyone! I especially like Frédéric Maillard's shot from Iceland. I will be there in early July with my family!

Keith Bassett

Locale: Pacific NW
Desktop Size Images on 03/07/2012 10:33:34 MST Print View

Any chance that the images could be posted at hi resolution to use for desktop images?

Great photography, now I really want to go to patagonia!

Will Rietveld
(WilliWabbit) - MLife

Locale: Southwest Colorado
Re: 2012 Photo Contest Winners! on 03/07/2012 11:00:36 MST Print View

Beautiful photos and very inspiring, thanks to everyone that participated.

A small correction: in the honorable mention photo by Steve Denny, the lake pictured is Taylor Lake and the pass is Kennebec Pass, about 20 miles from the end of the Colorado Trail.

Edited by WilliWabbit on 03/07/2012 14:40:02 MST.

Tim Heckel
(ThinAir) - M

Locale: 6237' - Manitou Springs
Leave No Trace on 03/07/2012 11:06:56 MST Print View

Beautiful photos one and all! I have enjoyed them all.
Congrats to the winners.
Perhaps Leave No Trace principles should be encouraged in future contests.

Greg Hummel
Banner and Thousand Island Lake on 03/07/2012 11:20:03 MST Print View

This is one of THE most photographed scenic area in the Sierra. It is also my favorite place in the world of the outdoors. In 2001, I camped there preparing to climb Banner. My hiking partner and I came down to the lake as the peak was bathed in pastel colors of early morning and the lake was a perfect mirror. We both had our cameras and took several. My best is now framed on the wall of my living room. We climbed Banner that day, a glorious one.


Bob Gross
(--B.G.--) - F

Locale: Silicon Valley
Re: Banner and Thousand Island Lake on 03/07/2012 12:29:22 MST Print View

Technically, there is no Mount Banner there. The correct name is Banner Peak.

The peak behind it is Mount Ritter. To avoid confusion, often the two are lumped together as "Ritter and Banner."


Addie Bedford
(addiebedford) - MLife

Locale: Montana
Hi-res images on 03/07/2012 13:41:32 MST Print View

What a great idea! However, BPL only has the rights to publish these images once - copyright remains with the original photographer. If said original photogs want to grant me permission, I can link their photos to the original size they submitted for user download.

Edited by addiebedford on 03/07/2012 13:42:16 MST.

Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Re: "2012 Photo Contest Winners!" on 03/07/2012 20:02:51 MST Print View

I think Addie's new avatar is a winner. Who knew she is such a dish!?!

Eric Lundquist
(cobberman) - F - M

Locale: Northern Colorado
Re: Hi-res images on 03/07/2012 20:32:18 MST Print View

Perhaps a member's only download to protect the photographers?

Eugene Smith
(Eugeneius) - MLife

Locale: Nuevo Mexico
"2012 Photo Contest Winners!" on 03/07/2012 21:24:55 MST Print View

As pleasing to the eye as the majority of the photographs are, almost all of them leave me desiring more from the image maker. Where is their voice? In some of the images I fail to get a sense of how the photographer is responding to the environment before them, beyond the "Wow, what that's nice!....*shutter release." Even a landscape photograph can tell a story if it has the right elements....or absence of.

With the exception of the first photograph, which is technically proficient and meticulously crafted, Danny Milks' photograph of the lone traveler traversing a snow field, and Sieto van der Heide's photo overlooking Denali, many of the remaining images in this contest appear as simple snapshots in beautiful can you snap a "bad" photograph in Patagonia or climbing a glacier in NZ?

Tony Wong
(Valshar) - MLife

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Re: "2012 Photo Contest Winners!" on 03/08/2012 11:09:28 MST Print View


I have nothing but respect for you and I want to learn more about what you are talking about, so I can understand.

Can you use one of the photos from above and tell me how you think it might have been shot differently to give it more "voice" to interject the photographer's physical or emotional response to the environment they are in?

I am just having a hard time trying get my head around what it is that you feel is missing.

Yes, they are pretty pictures, but are you saying that they are too "post card" perfect and as a result are a bit sterile and lack the little individual tweeks that would add a bit of personal style/"voice" to the shot?


Fred eric
(Fre49) - MLife

Locale: France, vallée de la Loire
Danny lone hiker on 03/08/2012 11:31:56 MST Print View

I like a lot Danny Milks photo composition.
This hiker and his path, wow !

Daniel you will love Iceland, there is so much diversity in a small island with great freedom about where you can go.
I plan to go back there soon, maybe next year.

Nick Gatel
(ngatel) - MLife

Locale: Southern California
Re: "2012 Photo Contest Winners!" on 03/08/2012 14:29:50 MST Print View

"As pleasing to the eye as the majority of the photographs are, almost all of them leave me desiring more from the image maker."

We probably need to go back at look at the "rules" for the contest.

But I understand exactly what Eugene means. I also thoroughly enjoy most of the pictures posted here on BPL. But for a contests, I want to understand the story...

- A beautiful vista of high altitude mountains and a seemingly endless vista, but you see the hikers struggling with the ascent and altitude, you feel their pain and slow progress, but you see that it will be worth it because you see the vista they will enjoy once at the top.

- A hiker strolling down a beautiful trail surrounded by breath-taking scenery. You see satisfaction and ease in the hiker's posture, they are communicating the enchantment and you can SEE they are happy.

- A grizzled hiker exiting a wonderful place, the hiker looks like he has been in the wilderness for a while, you see the wilderness behind him, and you see that he has been cleansed by the experience in his face and posture.

Tony Wong
(Valshar) - MLife

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Re: "2012 Photo Contest Winners!" on 03/08/2012 15:36:30 MST Print View


I completely understand what you are talking about with the examples that you are talking about.

By having a subject/person in the photo it can add context to the moment, which can be reflected in the facial expressions of the people in the photo or their body posture to show the challenges they are facing within that environment.

In my pocket camera photos, I often prefer to focus on people within my shots to give a context.

I think that it might help to have Addie post up the criteria that we were given in making the evaluations.

From memory, there were three areas that we were asked to judge on.

1. Technical aspects of the shot

2. does the shot make me feel, it is pleasing to the eye

3. Inspirational...does the photo capture a sense of adventure and inspire someone to want to get out there, want to be there.

I hope that I am remembering it the criteria right.


Jay Wilkerson
(Creachen) - MLife

Locale: East Bay
2012 Photo Contest Winners on 03/08/2012 16:50:07 MST Print View


Congrats to the winners and enjoy your cool gifts!

Nick Gatel
(ngatel) - MLife

Locale: Southern California
Re: Re: "2012 Photo Contest Winners!" on 03/08/2012 17:08:53 MST Print View


I am not being critical of the winners at all!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just think that Eugene and I are somewhat connected in what truly inspires us, and a great picture needs to tell a story. A picture that needs no words to describe it; an image that leaves us contemplating, happy, sad, euphoric, motivated, etc.

Again, I do not want to detract from the winners, their ability outshines mine.

Tony Wong
(Valshar) - MLife

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Re: "2012 Photo Contest Winners!" on 03/08/2012 18:21:17 MST Print View


I know you are not being critical of the winners in anyway at all.

You are just helping shed light on what Eugene might have been intending to say he felt was missing.

Like I said, I was just trying to understand where he was coming from and to appreciate his point of view.

This is art....we can all appreciate what we see and we can have different reactions to it. Neither is right or wrong, good or bad...just a different perspective of how to view it and what they like in it, which my differ from someone else's view.


P. Larson
(reacttocontact) - F
Re: 2012 Photo Contest Winners on 03/09/2012 08:37:44 MST Print View


Congrats to all the winners.

Jacob D
(JacobD) - F

Locale: North Bay
2012 Photo Contest Winners on 03/11/2012 15:52:43 MDT Print View

Excellent efforts by all.

I tend to agree with Eugene a bit. Not to take anything away from the others, but for me the winning photo was Sieto's. Great mood and atmosphere.

I didn't realize there was a contest until someone mentioned it to me just recently, so I missed the criteria and rules. Were (or are) all of the entries displayed somewhere? Were the finalists voted through by BPL members, or did the judges do all of the selection?

I would love to see what everyone entered.

Jim Sweeney
(swimjay) - MLife

Locale: Northern California
Great article on 03/18/2012 15:59:27 MDT Print View

Loved the rhythmic movement of Frederic's shot, the mixture of compression and release.

Also really appreciated the judge's comments. Reading the article is like taking a short course in backpacking photography, in the best way--we're given things to think about, and a language in which to think them, without having our horizons narrowed by rules or proscriptions.

Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Re: 2012 Photo Contest Winners on 05/29/2012 07:05:41 MDT Print View

Doing it again for next year?