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M Unconventional Sleep Systems Review Summary and Gear Guide Overview

by Ryan Jordan, Michael Martin, Alan Dixon, and Stuart Bilby

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Article Summary:

Unlike the mass market for sleeping bags, in which most mummy designs are distinguished by marketing professionals trying to communicate incrementally beneficial technology-related features rather than core designs, the cottage market for unconventional sleep systems is characterized by a wide variety of designs, where - once the best design is selected for the intended use - fabric and fill choices still dominate user choice.

In this Review Summary, we discuss some of the core technologies, fabrics, fills, and designs, and provide an assessment of the market options available to the hiking community. Finally, we present comprehensive reviews of some of the key top bags (sleep system with no bottom insulation), quilts (sleep system with no bottom), and wearable bags and how they rate in the context of their application and performance for lightweight backpacking.


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