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Snow Peak Giga Power LI Stove, Metal Crab

Another entry into the expanding remote canister stove market featuring support for canister inversion.

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by Ken Knight | 2007-02-01 11:39:00-07

Over the past year we have seen the introduction of a few remote canister stoves from various manufacturers. Most of the offerings simply move the canister away from the burner (e.g., MSR WindPro, Primus Gravity MF) move the canister away from the stove but leave it standing upright. A small set of stoves are designed to work with the fuel canister in an inverted position (e.g., Coleman Fyrestorm which also supports white gas) which improves stove performance especially under colder conditions. While other remote canister stoves could be modified to work with their canisters inverted (see Roger Caffin's article Do It Yourself Projects to Reduce Canister Stove Weight) the number of available stoves that are designed with this functionality specifically in mind is still vanishingly small. Snow Peak is about to help change that.|

Snow Peak has made the Giga Power LI Stove Metal Crab. This is a remote canister stove that includes an adapter that lets you invert your fuel canister. The stove weighs 14.5 ounces which appears to be about on par with some of the other stainless steel and brass remote canister (multi-fuel supported) we have seen. This stainless steel and brass stove supports pots on three stout looking legs with six pot support arms. But it folds down to 2.6" by 3" and the canister holder neatly fits inside the bottom of small fuel canisters. The power output of the Metal Crab is 8,400 BTUs. MSRP is $159.95.

Snow Peak Giga Power LI Stove - 1

Snow Peak Giga Power LI Stove - 1


"Snow Peak Giga Power LI Stove, Metal Crab," by Ken Knight. (ISSN 1537-0364)., 2007-02-01 11:39:00-07.


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Snow Peak Giga Power LI Stove, Metal Crab
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Forum Admin
(ForumMP) - BPL Staff - F
Snow Peak Giga Power LI Stove, Metal Crab on 02/01/2007 11:39:02 MST Print View

Companion forum thread to:

Snow Peak Giga Power LI Stove, Metal Crab

Ben 2 World
(ben2world) - MLife

Locale: So Cal
Re: Snow Peak Giga Power LI Stove, Metal Crab on 02/01/2007 11:51:26 MST Print View

What a name... Nice stove though -- just wish it could be lighter...

Edited by ben2world on 02/01/2007 13:45:16 MST.

Jason Klass
(jasonklass) - F

Locale: Parker, CO
Crab Stove on 02/01/2007 14:09:22 MST Print View

Way too heavy!!!

E. H. Clemmons
(sclemmons) - MLife
I just need a base for the gigapower stove. on 02/01/2007 20:52:47 MST Print View

They should just make a ti base for their gigapower canister stove and a remote fitting to flip the gas can. That way you could use the same stove for summer as is and inverted in winter. More btu's too.

Didn't Markill have an aftermarket product that did this a few years ago?

Brett .
(Brett1234) - F

Locale: CA
re:Snow Peak Giga Power LI on 02/01/2007 20:55:50 MST Print View

I have not used it of course, but my initial reactions after using many other stoves are;
1. Legs and overall profile too high: top heavy and tippy.
2. Feet too narrow: will sink in soft terrain
3. 6 pot supports is too many: 3 or 4 is plenty

They could have saved a lot of R&D by modifying and lightening their white gas stove, which also has a pre-burner tube. 12.5oz

Eric Blumensaadt
(Danepacker) - MLife

Locale: Mojave Desert
MSR's OPPORTUNITY on 02/03/2007 21:38:59 MST Print View

If MSR should offer this retrofit kit for the Wind Pro:

1. Titanium burner leg replacements

2. lighter weight braided hose W/ "upside down" canister attachment

3. Aluminum tripod legs that would be permenantly fastened to the canister attachment so they swivel to collapse for storage.

I'd pay $30. for that.


Edited by Danepacker on 02/03/2007 21:40:22 MST.