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Montbell Hiking Kilt

Discover unheard of freedom of movement and breathability.

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by Will Rietveld | 2007-01-28 22:24:00-07


The photo at the right shows Backpacking Light Editor Don Wilson modeling the new Montbell Hiking Kilt. Don modestly wore it over jeans in this photo, while explaining that it's common to see people (mostly women) wearing kilts on the Pacific Crest Trail in hot weather. Further, he feels that it's very practical attire to stay cool on the southern part of the trail, where bugs are few and rain is rare.

We think Don has spent too much time by himself on the PCT.

The Montbell Kilt is nicely tailored and appointed. It's made of a thin layer of quilted ExcelLoft insulation with a 30d calendared nylon face fabric. We suggested that a Spartan plaid or a tie-dyed pattern might make a stronger statement, but were told to go twiddle our bagpipes. Anyway, the kilt is adjustable for waist size via a set of snaps, and there is no other closure other than the fabric overlap and snap. Placing the closure at the front provides the most freedom of movement (and reveals a little bit of leg). As Don so willingly demonstrates, it doubles as a warm shawl over the shoulders on chilly evenings.

All kidding aside (almost), the Montbell Hiking Kilt is a fantastic layering piece. It can be worn either by itself or with any number of layers under or over it, or whatever. Finally, we are wondering if the Montbell Hiking Kilt might be a literal translation of an eVENT garment!

Specifications and Features

  • Manufacturer: Montbell
  • Sizes: One size fits most
  • MSRP: $55


"Montbell Hiking Kilt," by Will Rietveld. (ISSN 1537-0364)., 2007-01-28 22:24:00-07.


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Montbell Hiking Kilt
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Forum Admin
(ForumMP) - BPL Staff - F
Montbell Hiking Kilt on 01/28/2007 22:24:02 MST Print View

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Montbell Hiking Kilt

Tip Ray
(Tipper) - MLife
Montbell Kilt on 01/29/2007 13:51:50 MST Print View

From the photos, doesn't look like something I would wear on trail. And, at the end of a sweaty day, I doubt I would 'bundle-up' in it! I DO wear a Sportkilt. The pleated kilt allows for extreme freedom of movement, altho certainly a bit heavier than the Montbell or Mtn Hardware variety. The freedom for climbing, etc. as well as the traditional look of the pleats and plaid, helped make my decision. I hiked the entire AT in one of these kilts and I'll never look back! That said, I hope for more ltwt kilt options for hikers. No chafe!!

Ben 2 World
(ben2world) - MLife

Locale: So Cal
Re: Montbell Hiking Kilt on 02/01/2007 14:39:30 MST Print View

One word: UGLY!

James Pitts
(jjpitts) - F

Locale: Midwest US
Re: Montbell Hiking Kilt on 02/02/2007 09:48:33 MST Print View

LOL! I got a chuckle from this. Thanks!

Greg Vaillancourt
(GSV45) - F

Locale: Utah
Kilts ? on 02/03/2007 10:20:27 MST Print View

Aye laddy ye can laugh all ye want but kilts and haggis make for some fine trekking.

Ben 2 World
(ben2world) - MLife

Locale: So Cal
Re: Kilts ? on 02/03/2007 11:45:12 MST Print View

Agree that kilts have their place -- just that the MB one is ugly.

Edited by ben2world on 02/03/2007 11:48:25 MST.