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Beartooth Mountain Press Lightweight Backpacking 101

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Beartooth Mountain Press Lightweight Backpacking 101

An introductory guide to lightweight backpacking gear and techniques.

Special Offer for Registered Scouts and Scouters

We are pleased to offer special pricing on Lightweight Backpacking 101 for registered Scouts and Scouters ($9.95 per copy PPD), with volume pricing available for Troops purchasing more than 25 copies ($5.95 per copy). Please contact us using our online contact form to inquire (we also consider volume pricing on any of our publications for other non-profit youth service organizations). If purchasing in volume for a Troop, please indicate the number of copies you are interested in. BackpackingLight.COM's editor, Dr. Ryan Jordan, is an Eagle Scout (Troop 360, Burien, WA), a Philmont alumni, and former High Adventure Program Director and Camp Program Director at Camp Parsons in Washington State. Let us know how we can help you bring lightweight backpacking principles back into to the Scouting organization.


Lightweight Backpacking 101 was originally released in a 9-part series of articles at in July and August of 2001, and has earned a cult audience in the Scouting community. We have received hundreds of letters from Scouters, parents, and heavyweight backpackers commending the quality of information in the series.

These articles rapidly become some of our most popular articles, and were collectively viewed more than 40,000 times. In response to customer demand, we are now making the series available in a single, paperback field book.

Reviews of "Lightweight Backpacking 101"

"This diminutive tome is packed with solid info on lightweight backpacking. Don’t be misled by its modest appearance – this book tells the novice how to get started on the path to lightweight backpacking, but I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t learn something from reading it carefully. Having the different chapters written by different people gives the reader a taste of varied styles. Since each author is writing what they are most passionate and experienced about, you get take-it-to-the-bank, cutting-edge information on a variety of aspects of lightweight backpacking. This book belongs on the shelf of everyone who is working at reducing their pack weight."

- Glen Van Peski, GVP Gear

Information from the Introduction

Lightweight Backpacking 101

A 9-Part Series Outlining the Basic Concepts of Lightweight Backpacking

Ryan Jordan
Series Editor

Alan Dixon
Series Managing Editor

Series Contributors
George Cole, Alan Dixon, Rick Dreher, Ryan Jordan, David Schultz, M. Lee Van Horn

First Edition: August 2001

Length (Approximate): 20,000+ Words

Copright (C) 2001 Beartooth Mountain Press, LLC


by Ryan Jordan

Backpacking Light (www.BackpackingLight.COM) is pleased to introduce the first edition of "Lightweight Backpacking 101."

Consider this nine-part series to be your rite of passage as a new lightweight backpacker, as we introduce you to the fundamental concepts that provide the foundation of a lightweight philosophy. For the more advanced lightweight hiker, "LB101" provides a great refresher course that will continue to solidify core concepts and remind you of some forgotten tidbits.

The series will be released in parts throughout the month of August, 2001. While each article stands on its own and can be read independent of the others in the series, the series order has been designed to serve as a logical outline for learning the basic techniques of lightweight backpacking.

We hope that you enjoy the series and find it to be informative, challenging, and insightful.

Table of Contents
  1. Basic Concepts, by Alan Dixon

  2. Equipment Primer, by Alan Dixon

  3. Clothing, by Ryan Jordan

  4. Cooking Equipment, by M. Lee Van Horn

  5. Trail Food, by Dave Schultz

  6. Water Treatment, by George Cole

  7. Miscellaneous Essentials, by Rick Dreher

  8. Nonessentials, by Rick Dreher

  9. Ultra-Light, Ultra-Cheap, by Dave Schultz


  • Publisher:  Beartooth Mountain Press
  • Pages:  64 pages
  • Managing Editors:  Ryan Jordan and Alan Dixon
  • Contributing Authors:  Ryan Jordan, Alan Dixon, George Cole, Lee Van Horn, Dave Schultz, and Rick Dreher
  • ISBN 0-9748188-0-1


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