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"...The reviews are thorough, nerdy, informative and extensive. Great stuff and well-worth the price of $25/year if you are dedicated to losing pounds. 4 stars: ****." - Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools.

"...I study your website and the information that you put forth, and admire [Backpacking Light] for [its] intelligence (it shines through), attention to every detail, your ability to evaluate gear and materials, and put it all together so others can benefit. You're truly an innovator [in the lightweight backpacking movement]." - Jim Augustine, Bellflower, CA

"...Thank you for creating the excellent resource Backpacking Light has become. It has helped even inspired me to become a lighter and safer backpacker. I also get the sense that the industry has taken notice and that you are fast becoming a hub of innovation both within the industry and amongst us trying to travel lighter." - Doug Adelman, New York, NY

"...I also appreciate your website and the effort that goes into it. You have some of the best information and coverage on the subject that is out there. Please continue with the hard work." - Carl Morgan, Paris, TX

"...Your site is invaluable! I've learned so much!" - Miguel Arboleda, Tokyo, Japan

"...I'm a new member and first I want to say that I REALLY enjoy the site and the store - great info and great equipment. I really like the scientific analysis of eqipment - packs, rain gear, shelter systems, etc...Thanks for [your] help and keep up the great work!!" - Dean Martin, Phoenix, AZ

"I would just like to commend you on your great website and would like to let you know that I think you are doing a great job, and I have just renewed my membership. Your recent coverage of the [Outdoor Retailer Summer Market] 2004 was excellent and gave me an inside scoop on the new gear coming out soon. The last two reviews on [internal frame and frameless] backpacks ... was very informative, thorough, well written and unbiased (which is what I would expect from you guys) so keep up the good work..." - Colin Thomas, Langley, BC, Canada

"...I wanted to let you know that I think the articles on your website are great. You have a very consistent technical method to your reviews and I have found them to be extremely educational. As a result, I have purchased a subscription to your site (which I have not done for any other pay website). Keep up the good work!" - Meir Gottlieb, Baltimore, MD

"...I ended up purchasing a (product name withheld by the editor) from far (it) goes far beyond my expectations...Again thanks for the info, your site is fantastic!!! The (Travel Channel) show was great, too - hopefully, a lot of people were able to watch and learn!" - Ken Helwig, San Jose, CA

"...Thanks for all of your help. You are doing a great job, keep up the good work." - Paul Fieber, Myrtle Creek, OR

"Dear Stephanie, Just a quick note to thank you & your company for such prompt service, My 3 Spark-Lites arrived today. They're brilliant! I'll never again have to struggle with a flint & steel or magnesium block...The handwritten "Thank You" on the invoice was a nice touch! Thank YOU!" - Stuart Thornton, Stockport, Cheshire, England

"When the underground journalism of starts making its way into the lunch meeting feature topic at the outdoor industry trade shows, you know you're doing something right - and GREAT. Your coverage and awesome commentary of OR pretty much smokes every other magazine out there. Thanks for telling it like it is, just don't disclose my name because I don't want our competitors to know we are corporate subscribers - provides some of the best insider intelligence into emerging trends in this business. It's the best $200 bucks my company has spent on corporate training." - Mister X, VP Product Development of an outdoor gear manufacturer with annual sales in excess of $100M

"You guys are FREAKS. Nobody actually hikes with FIVE POUNDS of gear. You're gonna kill yourselves. Please remove me from your stupid email list while I go for a hike with my ASTRALPLANE." - Anonymous

Challenging. Insightful. Informative. Accurate.

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Subscriptions are active immediately after purchase and are valid for ONE YEAR from the date of purchase.

We don't offer gimmicks or tricks to entice you into a subscription fee. is committed to providing its members with high quality content that is technical, informative, honest, and fair.

Subscriber Benefits:

PREMIUM ONLINE CONTENT ACCESS. Backpacking Light offers subscription-based membership to Premium Content (content marked with an "M"). Premium content includes comprehensive gear reviews, how-to articles, technical articles, and other content. 

e-ALERT SUBSCRIPTION. Members receive each of our e-alerts, which include:

  • The in-depth, comprehensive, science-based gear reviews that originally established as a trusted authority in the evaluation of outdoor equipment
  • Members-only sales of new and used ultralight backpacking equipment
  • Discounts, coupons, and special offers on Beartooth Mountain Press Publications
  • insider gear reviews, industry perspectives, and advanced techniques
  • Summaries and links to new articles and premium content
  • Special offers that we are negotiating with online retailers for discounted purchases on premium backpacking gear from top-quality manufacturers, not closeouts or seconds.

Premium Member e-alerts will NOT be made available to the public or non-members.

CO-OP EQUIPMENT PURCHASING PRIVILEGES. Members receive discounted pricing, first rights to initial production lots, and in some cases, exclusive access to custom equipment from partner manufacturers.

RESPONSIVE, THOUGHTFUL, AND ACCURATE EMAIL SUPPORT. Our staff are extraordinarily helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable - and love to introduce and mentor new converts to lightweight backpacking.

ACCESS TO MEMBERS ONLY MODERATED DISCUSSION FORUMS. This is a beta feature. Join in with other subscribers in moderated discussions that are narrowly focused on timely, critical, or current topics.

Corporate Subscriptions

A corporate subscription gives each employee in your company all the benefits outlined above for a simple license fee. Included in a corporate license is a license to reprint content from reviews for marketing purposes as outlined in our Product Review Policy.

About Your Subscription Fee

Membership fees are used to subsidize the majority of our editorial operations, which are not supported by advertising revenue. donates a portion of its subscription and product sale proceeds to various nonprofit organizations dedicated to increasing thoughtful stewardship of American wilderness through youth and adult education. In addition, is committed to sponsoring outdoor activities that have a lasting and positive impact on society, such as our Long Distance Hiking Grant Program.

Subscription Refund Policy

Electronic subscription licenses are treated like software licenses. Thus, as disclosed in our Terms and Policies agreement, we do not offer returns for electronic subscriptions because of the high incidence of piracy, copyright abuse, and the desire to buy a subscription to access specific content and then cash out with a refund. Thus, in order for you to see a fair preview of what we have to offer, we make excerpts / abstracts of all members-only articles (those designated by "M") available by clicking on the article link (Example: M SuperUltraLight: Breaking the Five-Pound Barrier). Consequently, please be sure to review site content to make sure that you feel that site membership is worth the subscription fee.

Access to is available using any current, free, browser software, on Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms. Inability to access because of failure to upgrade current browser software to what is freely available does not constitute grounds for a subscription refund.

Help Center articles are available to subscribers that give step-by-step instructions for accessing premium content at Failure to use these articles, or failure to respond to our suggestions for accessing the Web site does not constitute grounds for a subscription refund.


Subscriber Benefits
  • Premium Online Content Access
  • e-Alert Subscription
  • Co-op Equipment Purchasing Privileges
  • Responsive, Thoughtful, and Accurate Email Support
  • Access to Members Only Moderated Discussion Forums


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